Tallahassee Economic Resources

Tallahassee is Florida’s state capitol, but we are not just a government city.  Tallahassee is the seventh largest city in the state of Florida, and is home to major universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M University. The city is also a recognized regional center for scientific research, and home to the largest and strongest magnet lab in the world. Additionally, Tallahassee has a strong, diverse, young and high-income population, and  was ranked the most educated city in the state of Florida, and ranked 10th overall in America. Tallahassee is also a Top 50 City for Entrepreneurs.

There are several resources and incentives available for businesses in Tallahassee.

The Leon County Research and Development Authority Innovation Park Technology Commercialization Grant

The Leon County Research and Development Authority Technology Commercialization Grant program is designed to support the development of innovation technology into commercial products or services. By providing up to $15,000 for the TechGrant competition, LCRDA supports local technology research and development efforts, while fostering economic development in the community.

The Office of Economic Vitality

The Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) is a local economic development organization that helps businesses navigate the financial and workforce needs and incentives and access funding for needed training, staffing and research. Through local and state resources, there are programs that are focused on assisting companies in Tallahassee and Leon County to grow and expand.

The Office of Economic Vitality helps companies determine what specialty business incentives they are eligible for. For a list of potential incentive opportunities, visit OEV’s website.

The City of Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee enjoys doing business with local Tallahassee companies whenever it can. To learn more about conducting business with the city, view its website.